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Ive hit it!

2007-11-19 13:47:01 by Deefour

Looks like i have finaly hit what i have been looking for, over the past few months ive decided to start to make my own style of music but not to difrent.

My new song - Life in Heaven has now been finshed and i love the style it has, the song in progress at the same time im writing this has the same style without even thinking about it so it looks like i have my style finaly guys :D

Keep a look out for the new tune in a few days

D4 - Keep it pumping.

The new tune:
D4 - Life in heaven

Most recent

2007-09-03 17:27:46 by Deefour

Well just another month has gone for this year =[ just seems to be going so fast...

I only just recently quit is a resident DJ at my local Night club as i would prefer to spend time on my future and spend more time with my girfriend.

But more on to why im posting some comments and UPDATES!

New songs:
1. D4 - Keeps on going
2. D4 - Mr Annoying (Not anoying :P)
3. D4 - Wheya
4. D4 - 87 VoLtS
Right that was an update for this weeks audio subs*

Now for the comment of the week lmao! hasd to be todays comment by DM692
His comment:
Like i said, nice song. but i bet u regret spelling annoying wrong :)

Top Audio Sub* by vote:
D4 - Never ending lines

Right thats it for this week, leave a comment on what you think of ME! lOL ONLY JOKING.

But no tell me what you want to see more of from me and ill try and post some up for you's

Dee Four
(Jamie Raynor)

Date for site was pushed

2007-08-15 11:35:27 by Deefour

Sadly the date for my new official D4 site was pushed back for some reason, still not aware yet but i will defently give you a release date when i have been told.

I tried to keep quite about it but i havent heard anything from any one

Any way some new loops and songs just uploaded to portal (NG) and new banner added to my profile .^^^^

Have a nice day,
Dee Four.


2007-08-05 15:52:16 by Deefour

Right after posting my new song "Never ending lines" i decided, hmmmm...

And my idea:

On the 15th august my site will be open to the public and to launch it will be a competition to this song.

Who ever can Remake my song.. has to be more then 1 min and less then 2 mins ( add some difaculty to it :P)

Who ever wins the competition will have there remix postead on my new CD ( PUBLISHED ONLINE) and given out Free on my venues at my local night club (given on the door to people paying more then £5 for V.I.P) the 4 runners up will have there song posted on my site to view to all public.

How to send me:
1.Upload to Newgrounds so all the lovely users here on newgrounds can also listen
2. Comment this thread to let me no what the link is.
3. on 16th August visit the site and "Post officialy" to eneter the competition
Dead line for this is on 30th August when the site reopens you will be given more info, but for now get remaking.

(At a later date the midi will be uploaded to the site, Maybe ;) this is more on recreating with your ears.)

The Link to the audio:
Click Here to listen

Good luck at remaking :D
Dee Four